Mesolime - Mesolime EP @ 03.05.2013

EETER - It's A Trippy Life @ 12.06.2012

M1hk3l - Pattern Box @ 19.04.2011

Dr.Esc - Fuck art let's play with computer @ 01.03.2011

Barthol Lo Mejor - For Play EP @ 01.02.2011

Rebot - Hyvastijätt Kollase Planeediga @ 25.12.2010

Microcobra - Micropopcorn in our heads @ 29.09.2010

Barthol Lo Mejor - K8 MOSH EP @ 10.12.2009

Tinitus - Beatselectrodomesticos @ 19.11.2009

Dr.Esc - Mulle meeldib rongiga sõita.. @ 10.06.2009

-[]ype - Aboard @ 27.04.2009

Kinkymint - My Happiness @ 18.11.2008




21.01.10 @ 11:49

XLR.EE Celebrating 2.5 years! XLR BIRTHDAY 2.5 YEARS - CHECK THE FLYER!

20.01.10 @ 18:24

FEW EVENTS COMING UP! Few events coming up.. OSOON @ Polymer with Kinkymint, Neljapäev with Laserz feat. Barthol Lo Mejor, Dr.Esc & Hugo this friday at Lounge Oot-Oot - more info after the jump!

10.12.09 @ 19:19

K8 MOSH EP IS OUT! We have a new release in pink spectre by Barthol Lo Mejor!

19.11.09 @ 13:45

FIRST BLUE! Our very fist blue release is here by TINITUS! Download milestone, internet radio, twitter?

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Looking for a master man! Hola! We are currently looking a dude or a chica who would like to master our upcoming releases..

27.07.09 @ 21:06

ALL ABOARD! Our latest release is here by -[]ype! ALL ABOARD for some crazy chiptune madness!

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1K Downloads for Dr.Esc via Legaltorrents We are very happy to announce our download milestone 1000 times @ Legaltorrents: Dr.Esc - Mulle meeldib rongiga sõita

10.06.09 @ 20:52

New Green release by Dr.Esc! Long waited album by Dr.Esc is finally here for your daily dose for riding by train.

13.05.09 @ 11:44

Death by POP vs POSSE vs Trash Splash 2 EVENTS COMING UP! S.S. Fabrique (Robodada) is playing at Death by POPvsPOSSE, Hugo (XLR) is playing at Trash Splash, more info after the jump!

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Join us at Facebook! Our Facebook page has been created, follow the link after the jump!

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phoke53 : Sonnensucher released a compilation album called ,,Sonnensucher" @ 17.2. 2009. 1XLR track is also included at this album. Check it out after the jump!

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Our new website is up and running!

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Kinkymints track Ibiza was preplayed at Check the full info after the jump.


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Our latest artist Dr.Esc has also one music video, that song is not yet released, and you can enjoy it after the jump!

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3 live act videos from XLRconnection(31). Featuring; Hendrik Kaljujärv, Sonic Depth Trap, Kinkymint

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XLRconnection pictures! (31st october) Latest pictures from XLRconnection, 31st october after the jump. These pictures were taken by Taavi Kübar.

11.11.08 @ 15:09

In this following Kinkymint live video at Death By Pop, club security guard tells him to put the volume down, or else his calling the police.. Hehe! See the video after the jump!




My Happiness

Kinkymint - My Happiness

Release date 
Colour spectre 

"My Happiness" marks the first year of Kinkymints activity. The road to happiness started in August 2007, just before EHHF (Estonian Hip Hop Festival). Addition to Kinkymint some songs are sung by Heli Robo and OkYm RiIm. The vocal part is mostly overflown with mellow overdrive. Backgrounds are naive and simple, influenced by the 90's, italo and Viva2. From clubtechno to positive sine wave and madness of being in love. 

''My Happiness'' tähistab Kinkyminti aastast tegevust. Tee õnne äärele sai alguse 2007a. Augustis, just enne EHHF'i. Lisaks Kinkymintile laulavad plaadil veel kaasa Heli Robo ja OkYm RiIm. Vokaaliline osa on üldiselt üle valatud maheda Overdrive'ga. Taustad on naiivsed ja lihtsad, mõjutatud 90ndatest, italost, Viva2'st. Ossitehnost positiivse siinusesse armumise hulluseni.


Download album: .rar


download ZIP
2Ive been to ILTC (saxo verso)Ive been to ILTC (saxo verso)3.08
4Gimme LoveGimme Love2.32
5My shiny fish (feat. Heli Robo)My shiny fish (feat. Heli Robo)1.40
6Arriving StockholmArriving Stockholm2.42
9Broadmani 14 (vs palat nr.15)Broadmani 14 (vs palat nr.15)2.49
10Geenitehnoloogid (feat. Heli Robo)Geenitehnoloogid (feat. Heli Robo)2.36

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